Pursue curiosity

Apr 29, 2014

:: By Kate Lynne Logan. 

Kate Lynne Logan

Kate Lynne Logan. Photo by Rhys Logan

Our Girls Can Do singer and song writer, Kate Lynne Logan wrote a wonderful blog post on her Tumblr page, An Americana Girl. Here’s a snapshot…we are so excited to have her…

I’ll play the opening hour in the foyer, and then a couple of songs from the main stage. This is a dream come true. I am living proof dreams can come true.

I don’t know who said it, but I think one of the most important things I ever read was “pursue curiosity.” ‘Success’ is so vague, especially when you’re just starting out. Is it a number? A certain opportunity? Approval from peers? A paycheck? It’s complicated, confusing and I have often felt that I’ve failed, because it’s so hard to form a clear picture of what success is for me.

Success is hard to see or feel or understand sometimes. But, curiosity, on the other hand – it’s always motivation to keep going. Pursue curiosity. Aren’t you curious what might happen if you gave your dreams everything? Took that new job? Stepped up on that stage? Introduced yourself to that new person? Because the fact is – you don’t know what will happen. None of us does. The rest of today, tomorrow, the next ten years – they’re all question marks.

Read Kate’s full story on her Tumblr page, An Americana Girl. And then sign up to come and hear her play at Girls Can Do!