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SMS at Benaroya

SMS at Benaroya

“The most inspiring day of my life.”

– High School Student from St. Margaret’s School, Victoria, BC Canada

“This was my first time at a Girls Can Do event and I wish I had been able to attend something like this 10 years ago. It was so beautiful to see accomplished, confident women empowering the females around them. I didn’t know any of the hundreds of women I was surrounded by, but the sense of sisterhood in the auditorium was undeniable. Programs like this will change the world. Girl power is real.”

– Kelsey Jae Wardwell, Partner Organization, Youth in Focus

“The shared emotions among a large audience were pretty powerful. The communal gasp when Jennifer GCD Lila's journalMoran described the moment her athletic dreams died when she ruptured multiple disks in her spine on the basketball court… and just an amazing overall example of overcoming early hardships in life to achieve great things and make a huge impact on her community. Angela Martin’s talk that left nary a dry eye in the room. And the many, many laughs and cheers throughout the afternoon. Big, important, shared experiences tend to get under your skin and stay with you. The fact that there were probably equal numbers of girls as there were adult mentors in the audience speaks of the fact that in parenting, as in life in general, we are all hungry for someone to assure us that we are doing the right thing.”

– Jennifer van Hardenberg, Teacher

“You need to believe. Success. Love. Possibility. Family and Community. Find your destiny. Find it in your heart.”

– Lilia, Student, 7 years old

“Thank you all SO much for putting on an incredible event! All of the speakers were so inspiring, and Angela brought tears to my eyes! My students had an amazing time, and thanked me for giving them such an opportunity: one even hugged me getting off the bus back at school because she had been so inspired and moved. The real thanks should be directed to Girls Can Do: you really reached my students with the diverse speakers, and that isn’t always easy to do. The four other staff I also brought were in awe, because they were not quite sure what to expect, and I can tell you that Mariner High School definitely wants to return to this event next year.impact 8yrs

– Alex Davis, Teacher

“I sailed home after today’s event…and not just on the ferry. I just had to write you and let you know how much this experience meant to me. I will admit I was nervous, personally promoting something I knew very little about. I am so glad I took the leap. Now that I’ve experienced the magic of a Girls Can Do event, I can’t wait to tell everyone how important this organization is. Like so many women, empowering the next generation is a cause near and dear to me. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for inspiring my daughters. Thank you for giving back to the world in this vital way.  Most of all, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Girls Can Do.”

– Ashby Fiser, Teacher

“There’s something magical about bringing a huge group of girls together to one place. Just being around the girls and hearing the inspiring women speakers, I was reminded of really what it means to come from a place of possibility. Young girls just have an incredible amount of natural optimism, levity, and energy… To be around that, wow. So fun and uplifting!”

– Libby Ludlow, Partner Organization, Z GirlsKadesha's journal

“Partnering with Girls Can Do was a great experience! The opportunity to share about Girl Scouts in front of such a large, diverse, and captivated audience is a dream. Girls Can Do gave us flexibility in how we wanted to fill our time, and we wanted it to be girl focused- let the audience see themselves up on that stage- we had two 8th graders speak about their accomplishments in Girl Scouts and they walked away

beaming with pride. This was truly a life changing experience for those girls, and I feel so lucky to be a part! Tabling in the lobby allowed us to answer questions and provide information directly to girls as a follow-up, which is SO much more effective than just saying “visit our website…” All-in-all the experience was the best.”

– Madison Bannon, Partner Organization, Girls Scouts

“I wanted you to know I have been flying high since Saturday from your amazing, wonderful, incredible event!
Thanks for your beautiful vision, certainly a life changing experience for my students. I’m very grateful the

Rainier Scholars at the Seattle 2015 Girls Can Do event.

Rainier Scholars

girls had the opportunity to participate.”

– Jessica Markowitz, Speaker

“I would like to thank you for inviting me to be part of the presentation on Saturday afternoon. I appreciate the opportunity to let me speak this event & I really enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again for everything you have done. Girls can do anything they want to. To follow their own dreams.”

– Angela Martin, Speaker
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