You are unique!

May 22, 2014

By Christy Hansen ::

Girls Can Do at Benaroya Hall, 2014…
I was there!
Christy Hansen presenting at Girls Can Do on May 17, 2014

Christy Hansen presenting at Girls Can Do on May 17, 2014

What brought me there was a Girls Can Do Anything attitude – a philosophy that  is right up my alley! I can’t remember the last time I met such an amazing group of women. It was a whirl-wind tour that still has me day dreaming about the wonderful people I met and the innovative thinking  that was demonstrated. I feel honored to have been a part of it. Listening to each of these amazing women, experts and leaders in their fields, had me asking myself – if I could go back in time, would I choose another career path? Even now, I am thinking, what will be next? My curiosity is piqued and my drive is endless. I feel the desire and passion to do something awesome. I have still have so many ideas and dreams – what will I choose next?

I found myself absorbing and contemplating the very same messages we wanted to share with all of you girls and young women out there – that you can do anything; you can indeed create and design your own career path, based on your interests and what you love. You are unique; no one else has your skill set, your exact thoughts, your exact combination of interests. What will you do with them? You will never say “I can’t,” or “it’s too hard.” It may be too hard for the person who may have told you it is too hard, but remember that it isn’t too hard for you!

As each of these ladies spoke, I imagined myself in their shoes. I wondered how I would feel, or the difficulties I would encounter. But I’ll tell you what, I found myself wishing I could work with narwhals and polar bears, as well as being an extreme down-hill skier. I thought of what it might be like being a lawyer and protecting people, a motivational speaker for teams and people needing help, and a CEO of my own company? Maybe my company name would we “Taking names and Getting it Done,”  or, “Helping People pursue their Dreams – Against all Odds.”  And then my mind quickly switched again to designing roller coasters, and then rescuing people in need of help – there are no shortage of options!


Where will your thoughts and dreams take you? I want to know!


Christy Hansen,
Operation IceBridge Project Manager
ARISE Project Manager
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center