Girls Can Do Event Inspires Volunteers, Too!

May 24, 2014

By Jessica Munsey, Volunteer at Girls Can Do ::

For the past few years, Blink UX has made time to host small events here in the office for local girls to learn about jobs in the tech industry. As a tutor and a mentor to girls of all ages, it was really a pleasure to take part in two of those events in order to share my story and advice with young women looking for inspiration. So, when Karen revealed her plans for a large-scale event to get girls of all ages to think big, I knew I had to be a part of it.

Karen found some amazing women to share their terrific stories of challenge and achievement. Their main unified message was quite simple: Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself, work hard, and go after your wildest dreams. Women and girls left the event smiling with renewed inspiration. Many said they couldn’t pick a favorite speaker because they loved them all. Others said they couldn’t wait to chat with particular speakers in person at the end of the event. Everyone asked if we were hosting another event next year, because they knew someone who would benefit from attending.

As a volunteer, I also walked away inspired. What I loved most about Girls Can Do is that the event itself is an embodiment of Karen’s message: Dream big, do what inspires you, and make great things happen. Karen had a big dream of holding a large event to inspire girls, so she worked hard and made it happen. There’s no doubt in my mind that she succeeded in making a difference.

It’s really a wonderful thing to work with people who share your values —  to work for a company that takes tangible steps to better the community.


GCD event day volunteer, Jessica

GCD event day volunteer, Jessica