Imaginations ran wild!

May 27, 2014

By Jazmin Williams, Girls Can Do Volunteer ::

Jazmin wrote a Girls Can Do event review on her blog, Rouge Lioness. Below is an excerpt…

Girls Can Do, Possibility Thinker materials

Girls Can Do, POSSIBILITY THINKER materials

If you missed the Girls Can Do event, then you seriously missed out! You’ve missed out on the diverse crowd that attended: mothers with daughters, fathers with their daughters, the whole family (mothers, fathers, daughters and SONS), and mentors supporting girls and young women with endless amounts of potential.

The imagination of the girls ran wild during the event. Girls lined up with starry eyes and crumbled up pieces of paper were given the opportunity to stand in front of a mic and ask these extraordinary women questions about the trails they blazed. At the end, girls came up with flyers and shirts for the speakers to sign.

Read the full article on Rouge Lioness. Rouge Lioness is an online urban multimedia platform that embraces the young mom lifestyle, promotes diversity, supports advocacy and encourages philanthropy.