6 months of Possibility Thinking

Nov 16, 2014

By Peter Stern, Seattle Father ::

“Hello – Girls Can Do. I wanted to let you know how impactful last years event was for my girls. It was a very inspirational day. What a great range of careers – the artist, biologist, and pro skier were the favorites.

We brought our 3 daughters (8, 15, and 19). Honestly I expected my teenagers to like it, and my 8 year old to be too young to appreciate it. As it turns out she’s still talking about it 6+ months later. She has corresponded with Kristin Laidre, she’s constantly making inspirational posters about being a “POSSIBILITY THINKER”, and she often quotes some of the principles she heard in the talks.

It’s pretty amazing. She is trying to convince us to take her to both the Seattle and Denver events this year. And we might just do that. Thanks for putting on a great event and keep up the good work.”

GCD Dakota Map

8yr old Dakota with her school poster inspired by Girls Can Do