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Girls Can Do Volunteer & Ambassador Programs

Nov 20, 2014

We have many volunteer options at Girls Can Do!

You can be a City Host, Volunteer Lead, Volunteer Team Member and most importantly, if you bring 1 girl, 10 or 100 (or any other number) you will become a Girls Can Do Ambassador!

GCD Ambassadors are people who take responsibility for bringing a girl to a Girls Can Do event. Think about going to a neighborhood in your city that has girls who may not have a parent who can bring them to our event. Then create a “fun day field trip” and come together! Take the bus together, drive, or let us know if you need a ride and we will have a Girls Can Do’s transportation partner pick you up. For being a GCD Ambassador, you will get a free t-shirt, special Ambassador button, free event tickets and anything else you need to make your girls group a huge, mentoring, community building success…

Let us know if you want to get involved.

Our cool diagram by Peter Stern shows how it all works…

GCD Ambassador Model Map

GCD Ambassador Model Map