Top 10 Takeaways from Feb. 7 Seattle Event

Mar 29, 2015

By Jennifer van Hardenberg, St. Margaret’s School, Victoria, BC, CANADA ::

Jennifer’s list from her article: My Top Ten Take-aways from Girls Can Do She has a great story for each one of these in her article.

  1. Confidence comes from what we say to ourselves.” Pete Carol
  2. “You can’t make a difference, you’re just a mom in tennis shoes,” is what Senator Patty Murray was told
  3. “We are not just teaching dance, we are changing lives.” Melba Ayco
  4. That girls really can change the world.
  5. That 50% of first nations kids are in care right now in Canada.
  6. The magic 10,000
  7. A creative person is never bored.
  8. Shared emotions among a large audience are pretty powerful.
  9. “What does it feel like when you achieved your goal?”
  10. The fact that there were probably equal numbers of girls as there were adult mentors in the audience.