Ava Solomon :: Teen DJ

Ava Solomon is a high school freshman living in the DC area.  She was born in the Bay Area and has lived in DC since age 6.  Ava has always liked music – listening to music, playing in a band in Elementary School, making music videos with friends and ultimately starting the business that is now TeenWorks.

Ava started TeenWorks with a friend at age 11.  The girls were looking to combine their love of music, little kids and a budding interest in making money.  In the past four years, TeenWorks has DJ’d dozens of events – birthday parties, school events, Ivivva parties and even a Bat Mitzvah.

In her free time, Ava has been president of her middle school and was just elected president of her Freshman class.  She plays soccer, softball, basketball and tennis.  She is involved with Best Buddies, Sources of Strength leadership and debate.  She is a part of the 2020 class of APEX Scholars,  She enjoys babysitting, hanging out with friends, training her puppy and of course, Djing.