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Girls Can Do is committed to inspiring a generation of Possibility Thinkers. To encourage young women to have big dreams and pursue them. Girls Can Do fosters this development through our Event Series, specifically aimed to serve girls in underserved communities.

At no cost for girls 24 and younger, the Girls Can Do Event Series consists of half-day events hosted in grand performance spaces. The purpose of the event is to provide girls with both an inspirational spark and a tangible connection to local programs that support them in seeing their passions through.

Three key elements of the event facilitate inspirational stimulus, Possibility Thinking.

First, the elegant performance space is a physical catalyst for reminding the girls to dream big amidst a diverse group of their peers.

A second component consists of the personal stories shared by ten everyday extraordinary women. Each woman shares about the adversities, determination, failures, and resilience they have encountered while pursuing their passions.

The third component includes short stage presentations given by our network of local girl-serving partner organizations on the programs they offer. These selectively chosen organizations represent the tangible connections to community resources. They are essential to providing the “next steps” for inspired Possibility Thinking girls and to sustaining relationships with them long after the event. The organizations are also listed on our online Girls Partner Network page, which serves as a national resource for girls looking for programs that align with their interests and needs. See our upcoming events.

Girl Partner Network

Meet local organizations that have year long programming for girls at a Girls Can Do event or see the complete listing for your city on our website and sign up through their website. To see all of our current partners and contact us to become one, please visit our Girl Partner Network page.