Our Team

Our Small & Powerful Team

Staff Headshot_KCC16Karen Clark Cole :: Executive Director

Karen is the Possibility Thinker behind Girls Can Do. She believes that all girls have the potential to make a difference in their lives, the lives around them, and the world if they are given the opportunity, tools, and someone who believes in them. Karen’s goal for Girls Can Do is to plant the seed for big dreams in as many young minds as possible so they can start to see the potential that lives inside them. Karen wants us all to start looking for and telling the stories of the great women right next to us so we create a clear vision for girls to move towards and become.

Karen is responsible for upholding the vision of Girls Can Do daily, overseeing the organization’s operations and our events nation wide. Karen is also the President of the Board of Directors, and is the Founder of Girls Can Do. karen@girls-can-do.org

Staff Headshot_Natasha Natasha Kuhn :: Community Outreach Director

Natasha is responsible for building relationships with local communities, organizations, schools, clubs, and groups around Seattle and across the country. She supports our volunteers as they roll out our GCD Ambassador program and works with them to identify and remove any obstacles for having girls attend our events. Natasha also wears many other GCD hats, is our second employee, and works closely with our events team and Executive Director.

Natasha was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a young woman, she became a refugee in 1994 and found her way to Vancouver, BC. “It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, leave my family, friends, and my home behind.” Natasha has dedicated her life to finding ways to make a difference by participating in Compassionate Seattle, coordinating outreach for The Way of the Heart, and organizing fundraising for Bosnian flood relief, to name a few. She also invested her time in traveling and learning about different cultures while working in the airline industry and studying psychology. Natasha is a trained facilitator and coach with a background in holistic wellness and has worked with many individuals to create a better world from the inside out. Now she is happily settled in Seattle where she lives with her husband and two amazing beings she calls her children. Natasha@girls-can-do.org

Ragina Arrington :: Community Partnership Director

Ragina is responsible for generating, building, and nurturing relationships with corporate community partners that have a focus on youth empowerment generally, and uplifting young women specifically. This includes working with companies that provide services for underrepresented girls, event sponsorship, and in-kind donation support.

She comes to us from the Clinton Foundation, where she was the Outreach Senior Manager at CGI U. While there, she secured student proposals from a hugely diverse collegiate candidate pool, and ensured an immense representation of global subjects, concerns, and solutions. Additionally, she developed and grew the CGI University Network, a cohort of 75 universities that provided skilled mentorship and fiscal support of over 3 million dollars to student projects.

Creating out of school time engagement opportunities that help young people see the world in a different way has been her career passion, and she looks forward to creating these spaces for girls worldwide. She is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh in Africana Studies. Ragina@girls-can-do.org

Thank you for your interest in Girls Can Do and for being a Possibility Thinker!