Reetu Gupta :: Entrepreneur

Reetu Gupta is Co-founder and CEO of Cirkled-in, which is “LinkedIn for students – only better” – a secure, centralized, e-Profile and e-Portfolio platform designed for K-12 students to compile their entire academic life achievements. Reetu is a marketer, engineer and entrepreneur at heart who bridges the gap between technology and customer needs. She brings her crazy passion and 20 years of technology and business expertise to Cirkled-in. Reetu is passionate about education and using technology to make it easy. She launched Cirkled in in 2015 to bring our kids’ and students’ school life achievements into digital age.

Reetu was born and raised in a small town in India and could never imagine starting a company in the USA. Through her tenacity, perseverance, hard-work and ethics, she overcame many roadblocks. Reetu is a life-long learner and believes that she is still growing up.

Before Cirkled in, Reetu spent 20 years in corporate America from startups to Fortune 50 companies. She spent 15 years of her career in engineering and after completing her MBA, she transitioned to marketing and business side. In her last role, she was GM for $500M annual revenue product line. Two years ago, she did another big transition from corporate world to entrepreneurship with Cirkled in.

Reetu earned her MBA (Valedictorian) in Technology Management from Foster school of Business at UW and MS and BS from NIT, India. Reetu strongly believes in giving back to the community and hence volunteers her time and skills for various organizations like schools, school districts and UW. Recently, she started a nonprofit organization – RRICHA (Redmond Ridge Indian Cultural and Heritage Association) to bring Indian cultural awareness and events to second generation Indian kids. With Cirkled in, she hopes to leave a lasting legacy in the field of technology and education. Reetu’s mantra in life is “Where there is a will, there is a way!”