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  • Melba Ayco

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    Melba spent the majority of her life in an environment where she was familiar with three types of people—“black, white, and foreigners.” A not so easy journey of exposure, defending her identity, and defining her destiny landed Melba in her current chapter of life in Seattle, Washington. The determined Louisiana native who decided in 7th grade to never be The Help, today, dedicates her life to helping close the gap for underserved youth, especially youth of color in Seattle.”

  • Senator Patty Murray

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    While lobbying for educational programs for her community, Patty Murray was told by a legislature that she could not make a difference because she was “just a mom in tennis shoes.” That year, the school program was funded and Patty, and her tennis shoes, headed to becoming a US Senator. When we encounter things in life that we do not agree with we can say “what a shame” or we can say, “I am going to change that”. Patty is her own example of “when women are involved in the decision making process, we make a difference.”

  • Jennifer Moran

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    Jennifer Moran is the Executive Manager of Carter Motors Inc., the most successful new car dealer in the state of Washington. Jen recently served as the regional Advisory Chairperson for Subaru, as a Creative Review Board member for Volkswagen of America, and she served on the National Advisory Board for Subaru. Jen was also on the board for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

  • Rashelle Tanner

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    If you have ever had your spirits crushed, Rachelle has been where you are. If you have ever felt like you had nowhere to turn, Rachelle has been where you are. If anyone has ever made you doubt yourself, Rachelle has been where you are. “Then I went from someone who thought they could be a lawyer to someone who knew they could be a lawyer”. Rachelle’s challenge to you: “when an opportunity makes you scared and nervous, just say yes”.

  • Tricia Mack

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    After failing to get into a prestigious internship program through her college, Tricia picked up the phone to apply to NASA directly. The result: Tricia Mack has had a job at NASA since, she was one of three women in a program of 53 to graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and she knows that if you have the fire in your gut, you WILL find a way to make your dreams come true. “Dare greatly and know that you are unstoppable.”

  • Mary Nam

    Seattle, WA - Feb 07, 2015

    Mary Nam believes in making the most of what is in front of you. Growing up in a household where no curfew meant never leaving the house, Mary used her own curiosity to guide her path. Mary’s challenge for you: “Ask your questions. Use your voice.” Because if you choose not to, “you are the only one that does not know.” Be the girl that raises her hand, regardless of whether you are asking or answering the question.