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Our Volunteer Team

City Hosts

City Hosts are our “on the ground” women. They are responsible for setting up volunteer teams in their city, identifying target neighborhoods for outreach and getting girls to the event. Their dedication to our mission is amazing and their energy is non-stop! We are grateful for their commitment.

RoisheenSMRoisheen Doherty :: City Host, San Francisco

Roisheen represents Girls Can Do in the city of San Francisco. She coordinates our on-the-ground team of Possibility Thinker volunteers, ensuring as many young women as possible in San Francisco and the surrounding areas get the opportunity to attend our Girls Can Do event in April 2015. With the goal to reduce barriers wherever possible, her team is focused on providing girls access through free admission, transportation, and food, in particular for girls whose parents are unavailable to bring them. Roisheen was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Victoria, BC. She enjoyed a career instructing in the exercise sciences for about eight years in BC. In 2000, she followed her heart (and her husband) to San Francisco where she worked in education and health sciences before taking time out to raise her two busy kids. Outside of volunteering for Girls Can Do, Roisheen is racing around as a “soccer mom” and lives happily in a dense city neighborhood of San Francisco. Roisheen@girls-can-do.org 

Volunteer Leads

Volunteer Leads are high energy, dedicated individuals who take responsibility for reaching out to an area, neighborhood, city, or community and forming teams to bring groups of girls to our events. We are grateful for their commitment.

Staff Headshot_AlexAlex Davis :: Outreach focus: Seattle area public schools

Alex was born and raised near Baltimore, MD, and moved to Seattle in 2011 to be with her husband. She is in her 8th year teaching high school math and holds a National Board Certification. She works north of Seattle at Mariner High School mostly with high risk freshmen. Alex is an advocate of bringing together her classroom and the community, and she has been doing so for several years with guest speakers and presentations from local businesses, professors, and other community members. She is excited to be doing outreach for such a cool organization; she is recruiting students from her school district, other districts, and her the gyms and looks forward to bringing many students from her school to the event on February 7, 2015. She also coaches CrossFit at two local gyms and tutors students in math. She loves spending time with her husband hiking, climbing, and road tripping, and she adores her cat, Henry. Alex and her little family will move back to the east coast, just south of DC in northern VA next summer and hopes to bring Girls Can Do with her.

Staff Headshot_AshbeyAshby Fiser :: Outreach focus: Bainbridge Island

Ashby has moved 26 times, when she and her husband Noel married a few years ago, they looked all over the US to find the perfect place and using a spreadsheet and weighted averages they found that Bainbridge Island came out on top. They hope to stay there for the next 50 years! Her four children are her inspiration and she hopes to inspire learning, creativity, and ‘possibility thinking’ in as many young minds as possible. In addition to Girls Can Do, Ashby volunteers at Destination Imagination. When she’s not playing with her kids or volunteering, she is finding Flow as a UX Researcher and Designer. When she has time (which isn’t often!) Ashby enjoys throwing pottery, travel, hiking, and running. She has a BA from BYU and a Graduate Certificate in UCD from UW.

Staff Headshot_KristinKristin Dickert :: Outreach focus: Seattle area

Though Kristin is a native New Yorker, Seattle has felt like home since the day she moved here for a teaching job over 20 years ago. Since that time, she has become a school principal, married a school principal, and given birth to boy/girl twins who are now nine years old. As a stay-at-home mother now, Kristin strives to teach her kids about life while they teach her, on a daily basis, what life is all about. When she isn’t trying to keep up with them, you might find her developing her greeting card business, engaging in community volunteer work, reading for her book club, or practicing for her next piano lesson. A passionate believer in civic engagement, she recently completed a three-year community leadership program and is now pursuing her own “big dream” of bringing a new kind of civic education to the region. The Girls Can Do mission thoroughly inspires Kristin, as she believes that we all have unlimited potential if we can just find the courage to tap into it!

Staff Headshot_DiviaDivya Krishnan :: Outreach focus: Seattle area

A long time Seattle resident, Divya is passionate about empowering our girls to become strong leaders. She believes we need more events like Girls Can Do to make this happen. A mother of two daughters herself, she is really happy to volunteer for a cause she strongly believes in “You go girls”! When not volunteering Divya works part time for Homestreet Bank and loves yoga, hiking, and spending time in the great forests of the Northwest!

Staff Headshot_MadisonMadison Bannon :: Outreach focus: Western Washington Girl Scouts

Madison has lived in Seattle for a little over a year now and is so happy to be a part of two great communities empowering young people: the Girl Scouts of Western Washington and the Duwamish Rowing Club. As a Community Development Manager with the Girl Scouts she invites girls and their families and other volunteers to the fun and friendship of scouting. Her degree in Sociology from American University with a focus in urban education and racial justice encourages her to focus on making the Girl Scouts of Western Washington an inclusive space for all girls. With the Duwamish Rowing Club Madison has been a part of bringing the sport of rowing to the South Park and Duwamish Valley neighborhoods, building a free summer youth rowing program and promoting stewardship of Seattle’s mighty Duwamish River.