Ever want to hang out with a polar bear?

Apr 23, 2014 | 0 comments

By Karen Clark Cole ::

Do you like the idea of hanging out with polar bears? Kristin Laidre does!

Can you believe there is a job where you get to hang out with Arctic marine mammals?


When Kristin sent me her bio picture for this event, she asked “Should I change my bio picture to one with just me alone? I’m the only one with a polar bear.” I quickly said “with polar bear!!!” When do I ever get a chance to say that?!

If you are thinking about studying Marine Mammal Biology, make sure to meet Kristin who works at the University of Washington’s Polar Science Center. Most of her work is in Greenland where she focuses her studies on narwhals and polar bears. She studies the behavior, ecology, and population dynamics of Arctic marine mammals.

At our event on May 17, in Seattle: Girls Can Do, Kristin will talk about how she got started studying Arctic marine mammals and how you can, too!

You can reach Karen Clark Cole @karenclarkcole


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