Ask, always ask

May 7, 2014 | 0 comments

By Karen Clark Cole ::

Coleen Christie said it perfectly. “You are right to ask, always ask.” Girls Can Do is built on that very principle.

I just keep asking, and people keep saying yes. And each time, I am equally amazed. It’s incredible what you get when you just ask for it.

All eight women speakers of our event simply said yes. Yes to speaking for free at an event that I dreamt up only a few months ago. Benaroya Hall and the AV company said yes to giving me a huge discount to make it possible. I asked a few people for money and they sent checks. Popular up-and-coming singer Kate Lynne Logan said yes with only a month to go. Then the National Women’s Soccer League team, Seattle Reign FC said yes…

Not only did The Clinton Foundation reply to my random email, but they asked for a phone call to learn more. And while in the end they couldn’t send Secretary Clinton to speak like I asked, they did consider it. Imagine that. And just yesterday, KOMO 4 News found us an interview spot on their 4pm news show this week, because I asked.

KCC GCD note writing_mark_gsellman

Writing cards asking people to spread the word and say YES happened at lunch, weekends and late nights…Photo by Mark Gsellman

I mostly walk around amazed and humbled at how a community can really get behind something they believe in –  in such a big way – in such a short amount of time. It’s powerful. Imagine what else we can do.

My idea started as a little snowflake and quickly became a fast moving snowball. Now it’s big and ready to break into 2,500 starter snowballs for each girl attending Girls Can Do on May 17. I can’t wait to see it happen.

This shows me there’s hope for a world of equality for all. It’s coming. Just keep asking. People want it. I can see it all around us. Be persistent and keep asking. Yes is coming.


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